UGI Utilities employees participate in annual “Safety Days” at UGI’s Archbald office.

Safety is not only UGI’s highest priority and a core value, but it’s deeply embedded in the company’s culture. A great example are UGI Utilities employee-led “Safety Days.”

UGI employees take an active and critical role in fostering the company’s safety commitment. Safety Days are events organized by UGI’s employee-coordinated Local Safety Committees (LSCs).

There are 10 LSCs across the UGI Utilities service territory, which spans 45 Pennsylvania counties. Safety Day events allow employees to participate in a variety of safety related activities, such as driving cone courses, personal protective equipment (PPE) inspections, vehicle inspections with the Pennsylvania State Police, fire drills, fire extinguisher demonstrations and more. They’re also an opportunity to meet with vendors such as safety apparel and equipment companies.

UGI thanks its many employees, partner companies, and participating organizations for their ongoing support for Safety Day events!

UGI Employees Celebrate Safety