Partners for the Future

UGI is focused on acting in a sustainable and socially responsible manner by proactively managing our environmental, social, and governance performance and being a good steward to the planet. We remain committed to openly communicating our goals and progress as we continue to evolve and enhance our ESG reporting and strengthen our position as a sustainable organization.

UGI is committed to acting in a sustainable and socially responsible manner to minimize our impact on the environment and to enrich the lives of our customers, communities, and employees. Effective ESG management supports our goal to create long term value for stakeholders.

Icon of two leaves for sustainability

Invest in projects supporting sustainable business development and efficient operations

Icon of three business people depicting team

Attract, train, and retain a workforce that embraces our culture of safety, service, and integrity

Icon of gavel for governance

Incorporate best in class governance to support and guide our business

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Identify risks and opportunities that arise in a rapidly changing world

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Identify opportunities to strengthen our focus on 
customer excellence

Icon of 4 hands holding each other showing community

Support and strengthen the communities we serve


At UGI, we practice responsibility throughout our business. As a distributor of our nation’s most affordable, efficient and cleanest fossil fuels, we provide the foundation to power businesses and enrich the lives of our customers. We are well positioned to become a leader in the future of renewable energy and continue to focus on reducing our emissions, reducing our customers’ emissions, and investing in alternative energy solutions.


UGI recognizes our responsibility to make a positive impact on society through our interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers, vendors, and the communities we serve. We pride ourselves in making safety a priority, promoting diversity in our supply chain and workforce, providing development opportunities for our employees, engaging positively with our customers, and volunteering in our communities. We all play a crucial role in fostering a more sustainable future.


Strong corporate governance is essential to creating long-term value and safeguarding UGI’s commitments to its stakeholders. Our Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing overall Company performance and ensures that our Company has a clear purpose, strategic and operational direction, and effective management. At UGI, we recognize that our success depends upon the commitment and capabilities of a diverse and inclusive workforce to create greater value for all.