Recycling practices have been in place for decades, but the methods used to track recycling efficiency and identify room for improvement have changed significantly. Recently, UGI made a business decision to increase waste management transparency and secure access to data regarding Company recycling performance at many of its UGI Utilities’ facility locations by entering into a contract with Republic Services. One of the services provided is an online dashboard report that summarizes information on Company spend, extra pickups, light loads, and volumes of waste sent to landfills versus that which is diverted to recycling facilities. The data are useful for quantifying company waste management practices, which is increasingly considered by some of our stakeholders including suppliers, customers, ESG ratings organizations, and the communities we serve.

UGI has begun to query the available data to inform a recycling pilot project that was formally kicked off in September 2023. The goal of the pilot project is to assess baseline recycling performance at select UGI facilities, implement a training program aimed at increasing recycling efficiency, and monitor for improvements following training. It is anticipated that the training program will be scalable across business units and will help establish a foundation for even greater recycling efficiency in the future and lower costs across UGI. Taking a new look at an established waste minimization strategy is another way UGI is looking to lead as a company committed to sustainability. Keep an eye out for future updates on this pilot project in the months ahead!

Data tracking monthly tonnage of materials recycled (diversion) and trash at UGI Utilities, Inc. facilities between January 2023 and January 2024.

Sustainability: A Core Value

UGI is committed to acting in a sustainable and socially responsible manner to minimize our impact on the environment and to enrich the lives of our customers, communities, and employees.

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