Strong corporate governance is essential to creating long-term value and safeguarding UGI’s commitments to its stakeholders. Our Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing overall Company performance and ensures that our Company has a clear purpose, strategic and operational direction, and effective management. At UGI, we recognize that our success depends upon the commitment and capabilities of a diverse and inclusive workforce to create greater value for all.

Please see UGI’s Proxy Statement for more information on UGI’s Board of Directors.

Board Composition

At UGI, we believe a diverse Board of Directors is essential to achieving our mission of being a global leader in renewable energy solutions. We recognize that our success is imperative upon the commitment and capabilities of a diverse and inclusive organization for all. Each of our directors has valuable individual skills and expertise that they bring to their role, and when combined, our Board provides the full depth of knowledge, judgement, and strategic vision necessary to provide effective oversight of UGI.

Board Diversity



  • Female: 3
  • Race/Ethnicity: 2
  • LGBTQ+: 1

Board Independence



Nine out of ten of our directors are independent

Board Tenure


  • 10+ years: 2
  • 4-9 years: 4
  • 0-3 years: 4

Risk Management

UGI’s Board of Directors routinely assesses and determines the most appropriate Board structure to ensure effective leadership while also ensuring oversight of the operations and strategic direction of UGI. UGI’s enterprise risk management practices are guided by framework with a clear line of sight for our oversight committees at the business unit, corporate, and Board levels.