UGI Corporation is continuing its strategic investments into renewable energy solutions to benefit both its customers and environment. These solutions include renewable natural gas (RNG), also referred to as biogas or biomethane.

RNG is an important low-carbon energy source helping advance not only UGI’s environmental goals but also America’s clean energy future.

Once complete, UGI Corporation’s investments in RNG projects to-date are expected to produce 3.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas each year.

These projects will not only fuel homes, businesses, vehicles, and electricity needs, but they’ll also mitigate would-be released methane emissions from the agriculture and waste sectors.

For its Pennsylvania customers, UGI Utilities is sourcing RNG from Archaea Energy’s Assai Energy Facility, located at the Keystone Sanitary Landfill in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. This facility is the highest capacity operational RNG facility in the world.

UGI Utilities is also planning to source additional RNG supplies as they become available, such as from the in-development Aurum Renewables RNG project at the Commonwealth Environmental Systems landfill in Hegins, Pennsylvania. Once complete, this landfill gas project is expected to have the capacity to produce approximately 5,000 MMBtu per day of pipeline quality natural gas.

Renewable natural gas offers countless benefits to our environment and economy. As human activity and population growth corresponds with increasing organic and solid waste volumes, innovative RNG projects will capture associated waste methane emissions, transforming the gas into a clean and green energy source.

Sustainability: A Core Value

UGI is committed to acting in a sustainable and socially responsible manner to minimize our impact on the environment and to enrich the lives of our customers, communities, and employees. 

Learn more about UGI’s sustainability initiatives in our latest ESG report.