Partnership with Farmer Improves Dairy’s Economic and Environmental Sustainability

COHOCTON, NY — Ag-Grid Energy LLC is proud to announce the December 2023 start-up of its anaerobic digester at Lent Hill Dairy Farm in Cohocton, NY. A partnership between Ag-Grid and Lent Hill, the digester is Ag-Grid Energy’s fifth operating waste-to-energy facility and its first in New York State.

Ag-Grid is dedicated to creating renewable energy while providing family-owned dairy farms with an additional revenue source and helping them to reduce their environmental footprint by mitigating methane emissions. The 1MW facility is co-digesting cow manure from Lent Hill Dairy and food waste collected from the surrounding area. The byproduct is biogas, which is converted into electricity that will be used by the Chobani yogurt company and Winsor Acres, a dairy farm, who have partnered to off-take the renewable energy via the NYSEG grid.  “Ag-Grid is grateful to its key partners and local champions for making this project a reality,” said Abu Akki, Director of Business Development for Ag-Grid Energy.

Started in 1955, Lent Hill now has 4,500 animals and farms 5,000 acres. Owner Paul Wolcott has been a pioneer. He oversaw construction of the farm’s first rotary milking parlor in 1964 and in 2009 was an early stakeholder in a 125MW wind farm. Wolcott said, “Lent Hill Dairy and Ag-Grid share the same goals: to improve agriculture’s economic and environmental sustainability. Ag-Grid Energy has the knowledge and the experience to make this project successful. Lent Hill Dairy is proud to achieve a negative carbon footprint.”

The Lent Hill Ag-Grid facility will divert up to 35,000 gallons of food waste per day from landfills, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating clean energy. Food waste is being obtained from a variety of food manufacturers, creameries, supermarkets, and restaurants within a 50-mile radius of the facility. The Belgioioso Cheese plant in Campbell, NY, was an early supporter of the project. Plant Manager Dean Strobel said, “Ag-Grid has been a reliable partner since day one. Their relentless commitment and vision to the Lent Hill Ag-Grid project has allowed us to recycle our food waste into clean renewable energy. We are very proud to be one of the initial companies to sign onto this project.”

Projects like Lent Hill Ag-Grid provide multiple benefits to the farming operation, including reducing odors and use of chemical fertilizers while enhancing water quality and creating renewable energy. Lent Hill Dairy will also benefit from the return of pathogen-free solid fiber bedding for their dairy cows.   

Ag-Grid prioritizes using local contractors such as Dickson Environmental and Bouille Electric, and is proud of its partnership with Martin Construction Resource (MCR), which has been Ag-Grid Energy’s EPC partner for over 7 years. MCR Senior Project Director Brett Green said, “This project exemplifies our commitment to advancing clean energy innovation, addressing environmental challenges and contributing to the global shift toward renewable resources.” 

UGI Energy Services (UGIES), a subsidiary of UGI Corporation, is a part-owner of all Ag-Grid Energy’s projects, including Lent Hill Ag-Grid. “UGIES is pleased to partner with Ag-Grid on the Lent Hill digester project,” said Joseph Hartz, President, UGIES. “This digester is one of the ways UGI is expanding our renewable solutions portfolio.  We are proud to help our partners provide renewable fuels to customers and simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


Ag-Grid Energy LLC is a Pennsylvania-based company producing renewable energy in partnership with family-owned dairy farms. Installing and operating anaerobic digesters on farm property, the partners generate electricity or renewable natural gas from cow manure and various types of food waste. Ag-Grid’s proven processes are sustainable and carbon negative. For additional information, go to or email