ESG At A Glance

Incorporated in 1882 UGI (NYSE: UGI) is a holding company that, through subsidiaries and affiliates, distributes, stores, transports and markets energy products and related services We provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy, responsibly, to enhance the experience of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve and operate in.


UGI’s ESG Strategy at a Glance

Effective ESG management supports our goal to create long term value for stakeholders

  • Invest in businesses projects supporting sustainable business development and efficient operations
  • Attract, train, and retain a workforce that embraces our culture of safety, service, and integrity
  • Incorporate best in class governance to support and guide our business
  • Identify risks and opportunities that arise in a rapidly changing world
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen our focus on
    customer excellence
  • Support and strengthen the communities we serve

Striving to reduce environmental impact

  • UGI and AmeriGas headquarters in Valley Forge is LEED certified Silver and is served with 50 kW of power from a roof mounted solar PV energy system
  • UGI works with customers to convert fleets from
    diesel to cleaner burning CNG and LPG
  • UGI Utilities is a partner in the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR and Methane Challenge programs
  • Operational fugitive methane emissions
    decreased by 90 over the last 20 years

Making strides in all crucial areas: Our commitments

Environmental Responsibility

  • Reduce operational fugitive methane emissions at UGI Utilities by 92% by 2030 and 95% by 2040 compared to 1999 levels
  • Reduce GHG emissions at UGI Utilities by over 8 million metric tons by 2030 from 2012 levels

A Partner for our People

  • Best in class safety performance culture
  • Enhancing quality of life in the communities we serve
  • Human Rights treating all individuals with respect and integrity
  • Our employees:
    • Attracting retaining high quality people
    • Training our people
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • Creating a workplace free of harassment discrimination

Focused on Enhancing Disclosure

  • We continuously reflect on what’s most relevant to our entire set of stakeholders
  • Plan to increase ESG related disclosure in each of the next three years so our stakeholders can effectively track our progress

Strong corporate governance is essential to creating long term value
and safeguarding UGI’s commitments to all of its stakeholders

Emissions & Climate Change

  • Reduce own emissions through investment in infrastructure and more efficient operations
  • Reduce customers’ emissions through energy efficiency programs and fleet conversions
  • Invest in alternatives 1 to reduce our GHG emissions and provide innovative solutions to our customers


An increasingly safer workplace

Customer focused

  • LPG businesses investing 200 M+ in the next 3 years to optimize operations build on self service tools and digital capabilities, promoting stress free
    engagement for the customer
  • UGI Utilities offers numerous customer assistance programs 2 such as LIURP 3 Operation Share, CARES 4 among others
  • Committed to safeguarding our customers and partners from data risk


  1. More details on alternative sources of energy such as Bio LPG, Renewable Natural gas etc that UGI invests in can be found in the 2019 ESG Report
  2. Additional information can be accessed at programs
  3. Low Income Usage Reduction Program
  4. Customer Assistance and Referral Evaluation Services. This ESG fact sheet is a summary of more detailed disclosure that can be found in UGI’s ESG Reports This fact sheet may be considered as an addendum to the more detailed Corporate Fact Sheet and all disclaimers in the Corporate Fact Sheet apply to this document as well